The weather conditions in winter can get extreme. While we are protected from these cold conditions, the homeless are not. They barely have the means to survive, and winter can be the toughest time for them.

Of course, we can help them in various ways so they can stay warm. One way is to donate warm clothing items. If you want to make a difference this year, here are five essential winter items you can donate to the homeless.

#1. Gloves

donate winter gloves

Gloves or even mittens are a winter staple. Our hands are the most exposed to cold conditions, and they can freeze in the winter. A thick pair of gloves is incredibly important to keep the hands warm.

If you have gotten a pair of gloves for yourself this winter, donate your old ones to the homeless. Be mindful and donate thick gloves if you have them because thin cotton gloves don't keep your hands warm. You can donate them to someone homeless nearby or donate at a drop off site.

#2. Beanies

donate winter beanies

Beanies are the second-most essential item for winters. They help protect us from harsh winds and keep our heads warm. Our heads are most exposed to harsh winter conditions, and if we don't protect them, we can catch a cold.

Of course, the homeless need to protect their heads from these harsh conditions too. So, donate all your old beanies and make a difference in someone's life.

#3. Boots

donate winter boots

If you live in a region where it snows a lot, you can donate boots. After all, homeless people don't have the right shoes for such conditions, and they can end up hurting themselves by walking on snow in their normal shoes. So, the right boots can make all the difference.

If you have old hiking boots or any other boots that can make walking in snow easier, donate them this winter.

#4. Coats And Jackets

donate winter coats

Everyone deserves to feel warm in winter, and that is why your old jackets, coats, and sweaters can make all the difference. A coat can help keep someone entirely warm, even in the most extreme conditions. It can also make a difference in someone's health.

Donate all your old coats and jackets to the homeless so that they can keep their body warm. They may not have four walls for warmth, but a jacket can go a long way in helping them.

#5. Earmuffs

donate winter earmuffs

Many people don't think of donating earmuffs, but they can help keep the head warm too. Wind and cold enter the ears and can adversely affect health. So, earmuffs are an essential item that can offer protection against this.

Final Words

The holidays are near, and it is the time for giving. So, don't shy away and donate all your old winter items this year. It will help you feel good, and it will make a difference in someone else's health and life. What are you waiting for then? Gather your items now and start donating.